Change starts in Middelburg

Change starts in Middelburg: that’s why you should vote Groenlinks on 21 March. GroenLinks is working on an engaged society in which everyone benefits. Too many people are not receiving the appreciation they deserve. For this reason, we are tackling the uncertainty that people live in. It’s possible to have a nice residence, affordable health care, proper income, and a clean living environment for everyone.

It’s time for change.

GroenLinks stands for equally sharing, affordable health care for all ages. Being ill is bad enough in itself; it should not be the cause for financial trouble. Health care is not about profit but about taking care of people. The choices we make now affect the future of our children. GroenLinks chooses to combat climate change. We commit to a clean and green municipality, ensuring fresh air in our streets and stimulating the use of green energy. We should take care of our open space in and around the city and the villages. As such, we do not want construction work without coordination with the municipalities surrounding us.

By people of the municipality of Middelburg, for people of the municipality of Middelburg

GroenLinks is proponent of a democracy in which people can pitch in as much as possible about the path we should be taking.

Things can and should change in the municipality of Middelburg

GroenLinks stands for change. We stand for a new way of doing politics. One in which our common interest in the long term, not profit in the short term, is key. We stand for sharing rather than saving. We stand for connection, trust, and hope, instead of dissent.

The social municipality

GroenLinks wants everyone in our municipality to have the chance to make a proper living. Everyone should be able to participate, whether that be via a paid job, volunteering work, or school. If people cannot find a job themselves, we want the municipality help out. If you lose your job or fall ill, there should be a safety net. GroenLinks believes that every child deserves a good start and a fair chance: to learn at school, but also to discover what their dreams are. Health care should not be about rules, but about people. There should be room to evaluate what people can do and what they want. Moreover, we want everyone to be able to live in an affordable and energy-saving residence.

The green municipality

GroenLinks want our children to grow up in green and healthy neighbourhoods. We want children to play in a green environment, breathing in fresh air. That’s why we choose for green public transport and for spacious parks in which to play and to exercise. If we choose for clean, green, and healthy solutions, we will provide our children with a healthy planet and a balanced climate.

The open municipality

GroenLinks has faith in people. We believe that everyone wants to do something with their lives and wants to contribute to their own environment. That’s why we offer opportunities for people who want to make their environment greener or cleaner. That’s why we trust teachers, nurses, and other professionals who want to help people. And that’s why we make room for people’s own wishes, instead of following organisational rules and structures blindly.

The whole programme is to be read at Standpunten en to be download as a pdf file.

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